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Virtual Information Management

Services, Inc.

VIMS was founded by Lee H. Barrow in 1996. Observing the ever changing needs of Physicians and the healthcare market in general, Mr. Barrow chose to add to the Baromed, Inc., portfolio. VIMS was born from his venture into the Internet Service Provider industry. By learning this new technology, making strategic alliances with communications companies (CAP's), object-oriented software developers (CERL) and digital image experts/professionals in this arena, VIMS has become an avenue by which healthcare professionals acquire new technological expertise. From broadband technology down to typical internet access, VIMS has the resources to take the healthcare professional into the new Millennium.

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Virtual Consultation Services

Virtual Consultation Services (VCS) is a robust telemedicine software application that combines several ¡°state-of-the-art¡± technologies. These new technologies include JAVA*, CORBA, object-oriented technology, Internet, web browsers, encryption, and other leading edge technology. This application creates a seemingly ¡° virtual patient record¡± on PCs (across platforms) for diagnostic and consultation purposes.

Rather than utilizing a single software program, VCS uses different technologies to access, gather and present information from various locations to the end user. The information is then displayed in a cohesive integrated fashion on a desktop computer. This task is performed utilizing distributed database technology. To call up specific clinical information (¡°create a session¡±), physicians use a mouse to ¡°click¡± on small icons in the graphical user interface. VCS then presents the data, image, and text or audio session on the physicians¡¯ personal computer.

In addition to the ¡°store and forward¡± capabilities, VCS has incorporated multimedia into the telemedicine application for ¡°real-time¡± consultations when possible. VCS can allow up to four physicians to simultaneously access and consult on any given ¡°session¡±. The capability of VCS is only limited (audio/video) by the amount of bandwidth available at any given location. 

Advisory Committee                                                                       Product Strategy 

VCS Technical Overview                                                    General CORBA Overview

CORBA & VisiBroker                                               Integration with other Databases

User Scenarios with other Databases                                   HIS Integration with VCS

HIS Integration  

Rural Image storage and retrieval                                      VCS for Medical Research

VCS GUI                                                                                                Bibliography 


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